The following table defines the available code page identifiers.
ANSI code pages can be different on different computers, or can be changed for a single computer, leading to data corruption. For the most consistent results, applications should use Unicode, such as UTF-8 or UTF-16, instead of a specific code page.

Identifier.NET NameAdditional information
437IBM437OEM United States
500IBM500IBM EBCDIC International
708ASMO-708Arabic (ASMO 708)
709 Arabic (ASMO-449+, BCON V4)
710 Arabic - Transparent Arabic
720DOS-720Arabic (Transparent ASMO); Arabic (DOS)
737ibm737OEM Greek (formerly 437G); Greek (DOS)
775ibm775OEM Baltic; Baltic (DOS)
850ibm850OEM Multilingual Latin 1; Western European (DOS)
852ibm852OEM Latin 2; Central European (DOS)
855IBM855OEM Cyrillic (primarily Russian)
857ibm857OEM Turkish; Turkish (DOS)
858IBM00858OEM Multilingual Latin 1 + Euro symbol
860IBM860OEM Portuguese; Portuguese (DOS)
861ibm861OEM Icelandic; Icelandic (DOS)
862DOS-862OEM Hebrew; Hebrew (DOS)
863IBM863OEM French Canadian; French Canadian (DOS)
864IBM864OEM Arabic; Arabic (864)
865IBM865OEM Nordic; Nordic (DOS)
866cp866OEM Russian; Cyrillic (DOS)
869ibm869OEM Modern Greek; Greek, Modern (DOS)
870IBM870IBM EBCDIC Multilingual/ROECE (Latin 2); IBM EBCDIC Multilingual Latin 2
874windows-874ANSI/OEM Thai (ISO 8859-11); Thai (Windows)
875cp875IBM EBCDIC Greek Modern
932shift_jisANSI/OEM Japanese; Japanese (Shift-JIS)
936gb2312ANSI/OEM Simplified Chinese (PRC, Singapore); Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
949ks_c_5601-1987ANSI/OEM Korean (Unified Hangul Code)
950big5ANSI/OEM Traditional Chinese (Taiwan; Hong Kong SAR, PRC); Chinese Traditional (Big5)
1026IBM1026IBM EBCDIC Turkish (Latin 5)
1047IBM01047IBM EBCDIC Latin 1/Open System
1140IBM01140IBM EBCDIC US-Canada (037 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (US-Canada-Euro)
1141IBM01141IBM EBCDIC Germany (20273 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Germany-Euro)
1142IBM01142IBM EBCDIC Denmark-Norway (20277 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Denmark-Norway-Euro)
1143IBM01143IBM EBCDIC Finland-Sweden (20278 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Finland-Sweden-Euro)
1144IBM01144IBM EBCDIC Italy (20280 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Italy-Euro)
1145IBM01145IBM EBCDIC Latin America-Spain (20284 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Spain-Euro)
1146IBM01146IBM EBCDIC United Kingdom (20285 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (UK-Euro)
1147IBM01147IBM EBCDIC France (20297 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (France-Euro)
1148IBM01148IBM EBCDIC International (500 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (International-Euro)
1149IBM01149IBM EBCDIC Icelandic (20871 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Icelandic-Euro)
1200utf-16Unicode UTF-16, little endian byte order (BMP of ISO 10646); available only to managed applications
1201unicodeFFFEUnicode UTF-16, big endian byte order; available only to managed applications
1250windows-1250ANSI Central European; Central European (Windows)
1251windows-1251ANSI Cyrillic; Cyrillic (Windows)
1252windows-1252ANSI Latin 1; Western European (Windows)
1253windows-1253ANSI Greek; Greek (Windows)
1254windows-1254ANSI Turkish; Turkish (Windows)
1255windows-1255ANSI Hebrew; Hebrew (Windows)
1256windows-1256ANSI Arabic; Arabic (Windows)
1257windows-1257ANSI Baltic; Baltic (Windows)
1258windows-1258ANSI/OEM Vietnamese; Vietnamese (Windows)
1361JohabKorean (Johab)
10000macintoshMAC Roman; Western European (Mac)
10001x-mac-japaneseJapanese (Mac)
10002x-mac-chinesetradMAC Traditional Chinese (Big5); Chinese Traditional (Mac)
10003x-mac-koreanKorean (Mac)
10004x-mac-arabicArabic (Mac)
10005x-mac-hebrewHebrew (Mac)
10006x-mac-greekGreek (Mac)
10007x-mac-cyrillicCyrillic (Mac)
10008x-mac-chinesesimpMAC Simplified Chinese (GB 2312); Chinese Simplified (Mac)
10010x-mac-romanianRomanian (Mac)
10017x-mac-ukrainianUkrainian (Mac)
10021x-mac-thaiThai (Mac)
10029x-mac-ceMAC Latin 2; Central European (Mac)
10079x-mac-icelandicIcelandic (Mac)
10081x-mac-turkishTurkish (Mac)
10082x-mac-croatianCroatian (Mac)
12000utf-32Unicode UTF-32, little endian byte order; available only to managed applications
12001utf-32BEUnicode UTF-32, big endian byte order; available only to managed applications
20000x-Chinese_CNSCNS Taiwan; Chinese Traditional (CNS)
20001x-cp20001TCA Taiwan
20002x_Chinese-EtenEten Taiwan; Chinese Traditional (Eten)
20003x-cp20003IBM5550 Taiwan
20004x-cp20004TeleText Taiwan
20005x-cp20005Wang Taiwan
20105x-IA5IA5 (IRV International Alphabet No. 5, 7-bit); Western European (IA5)
20106x-IA5-GermanIA5 German (7-bit)
20107x-IA5-SwedishIA5 Swedish (7-bit)
20108x-IA5-NorwegianIA5 Norwegian (7-bit)
20127us-asciiUS-ASCII (7-bit)
20269x-cp20269ISO 6937 Non-Spacing Accent
20273IBM273IBM EBCDIC Germany
20277IBM277IBM EBCDIC Denmark-Norway
20278IBM278IBM EBCDIC Finland-Sweden
20280IBM280IBM EBCDIC Italy
20284IBM284IBM EBCDIC Latin America-Spain
20285IBM285IBM EBCDIC United Kingdom
20290IBM290IBM EBCDIC Japanese Katakana Extended
20297IBM297IBM EBCDIC France
20420IBM420IBM EBCDIC Arabic
20423IBM423IBM EBCDIC Greek
20424IBM424IBM EBCDIC Hebrew
20833x-EBCDIC-KoreanExtendedIBM EBCDIC Korean Extended
20838IBM-ThaiIBM EBCDIC Thai
20866koi8-rRussian (KOI8-R); Cyrillic (KOI8-R)
20871IBM871IBM EBCDIC Icelandic
20880IBM880IBM EBCDIC Cyrillic Russian
20905IBM905IBM EBCDIC Turkish
20924IBM00924IBM EBCDIC Latin 1/Open System (1047 + Euro symbol)
20932EUC-JPJapanese (JIS 0208-1990 and 0212-1990)
20936x-cp20936Simplified Chinese (GB2312); Chinese Simplified (GB2312-80)
20949x-cp20949Korean Wansung
21025cp1025IBM EBCDIC Cyrillic Serbian-Bulgarian
21027 (deprecated)
21866koi8-uUkrainian (KOI8-U); Cyrillic (KOI8-U)
28591iso-8859-1ISO 8859-1 Latin 1; Western European (ISO)
28592iso-8859-2ISO 8859-2 Central European; Central European (ISO)
28593iso-8859-3ISO 8859-3 Latin 3
28594iso-8859-4ISO 8859-4 Baltic
28595iso-8859-5ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic
28596iso-8859-6ISO 8859-6 Arabic
28597iso-8859-7ISO 8859-7 Greek
28598iso-8859-8ISO 8859-8 Hebrew; Hebrew (ISO-Visual)
28599iso-8859-9ISO 8859-9 Turkish
28603iso-8859-13ISO 8859-13 Estonian
28605iso-8859-15ISO 8859-15 Latin 9
29001x-EuropaEuropa 3
38598iso-8859-8-iISO 8859-8 Hebrew; Hebrew (ISO-Logical)
50220iso-2022-jpISO 2022 Japanese with no halfwidth Katakana; Japanese (JIS)
50221csISO2022JPISO 2022 Japanese with halfwidth Katakana; Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana)
50222iso-2022-jpISO 2022 Japanese JIS X 0201-1989; Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana - SO/SI)
50225iso-2022-krISO 2022 Korean
50227x-cp50227ISO 2022 Simplified Chinese; Chinese Simplified (ISO 2022)
50229 ISO 2022 Traditional Chinese
50930 EBCDIC Japanese (Katakana) Extended
50931 EBCDIC US-Canada and Japanese
50933 EBCDIC Korean Extended and Korean
50935 EBCDIC Simplified Chinese Extended and Simplified Chinese
50936 EBCDIC Simplified Chinese
50937 EBCDIC US-Canada and Traditional Chinese
50939 EBCDIC Japanese (Latin) Extended and Japanese
51932euc-jpEUC Japanese
51936EUC-CNEUC Simplified Chinese; Chinese Simplified (EUC)
51949euc-krEUC Korean
51950 EUC Traditional Chinese
52936hz-gb-2312HZ-GB2312 Simplified Chinese; Chinese Simplified (HZ)
54936GB18030Windows XP and later: GB18030 Simplified Chinese (4 byte); Chinese Simplified (GB18030)
57002x-iscii-deISCII Devanagari
57003x-iscii-beISCII Bangla
57004x-iscii-taISCII Tamil
57005x-iscii-teISCII Telugu
57006x-iscii-asISCII Assamese
57007x-iscii-orISCII Odia
57008x-iscii-kaISCII Kannada
57009x-iscii-maISCII Malayalam
57010x-iscii-guISCII Gujarati
57011x-iscii-paISCII Punjabi
65000utf-7Unicode (UTF-7)
65001utf-8Unicode (UTF-8)
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